R.A.F. Manston Museum Kent – 22nd October 2022


Location: R.A.F. Manston Museum,821 Manston Rd, Ramsgate CT12 5DF
Date: Saturday 22rd October 2022
Start time: 6:30pm
End time: 12.00am


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All new to Ghost Hunt UK. Bringing you a brand new location for 2022 and wow what a location this will be.


At the beginning of the Great war what was then known as the Isle of Thanet had built a landstrip for aircraft. The location for this was at St Mildreds Bay at Westgate which sat on top of the chalk Cliff. However through the years this saw several  unfortunate accidents. One in particular stands out with one of the aircraft failing to stop before the end of the cliff and tumbled into the sea.

So where did it it all begin for  Manston airport. In between 1915 to 1916 aircraft began to use farmland in  Manston this was for all emergency landings. It then had evolved and then came along Admiralty Aerodrome at Manston followed by a training school. The location of  Manston was a perfect location.

By 1917 the royal Flying Corps were well established and helping to take part in its defense of England. Had it not been for the  presence of  Manston the bombing raids would have been more effective.

The German raids lasted unfortunately over 13 weeks in total of the 15 bombers that were sent out 5 it is understood that did not reach the Kent Coast. Due to the brave intervention from Manston based fighters  they prevented those flying west with over 3 being destroyed outright. The RAF was formed on the 1st April 1918.

In world war 2 during the battle of Britain  Manston became heavily bombed with the airfield buildings being destroyed. What stories this special location holds.

Paranormal History

A MoD fireman was on kitchen duty in the early hours of the morning when he spotted a semi-translucent figure wearing a flying helmet, Irvin jacket and Mae West. The witness quickly left the area and was later told that others had seen the entity. It was generally thought the ghost to be a pilot who crashed into a snow drift during the Second World War.

There also said to have been seen a young airman it has been said he has been seen walking through the huts and walking through rooms and disapear. A young Cadet reports aloud bash on the fire door and they went to investigate and no one was there.

What will you uncover? Are you brave enough to venture into RAF Manston Museum.

Investigation Includes:

When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our team and you will be placed into a small group. Once introductions have been made and the team have run though the health and safety. You will explore different parts of the building throughout the evening with your team member. You will get the chance to conduct some amazing experiments such as Ouija Boards, Table Tipping, Glass Moving vigils and our up-to-date ghost hunting equipment. We will be using the most active areas of the venue throughout the night and you will be guided through this terrifying process by our friendly and capable team. Included near the end of your evening you will be able to go off and explore for an hour to yourself using what equipment you would like. Do you dare to explore the unknown?