Trues Yard Museum Halloween Special


Location: North St, King’s Lynn, PE30 1QWT
Date: Saturday 23rd October 2021
Start time: 7pm
End time: 12.00am


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Join Ghost Hunt UK for this halloween Special bring you halloween feast with you and dress up in your finest halloween costume (optional) Ghost Hunt may provide a few scares throughout the night but promises to keep in all investigations serious.


True’s Yard is a heritage site and town museum celebrating the fishing community of the North End, which made a significant contribution to Lynn’s economic and social life for 900 years. The local fishing industry remains important today! ​The Museum complex has been enlarged and developed through two HLF funded extensions (1998 & 2010); it has become a premier Lynn tourist attraction and education centre as well as a community venue.


Paranormal History


The Museum is said to have its fair share of ghosts, and staff members have reported several strange things happening.  Doors have said to have been slammed shut, without any explanation.  The upstairs function room is said to be very active, with several mediums reporting ghostly activity. During the pre-visit, GHEA’s Paul said he felt a strange feeling, only to be told by the museum manager that a medium on a previous visit who was standing in the very same spot, reported activity!


The two cottages on the site (which have now been knocked in to one building) are also said to be haunted by the ghosts of previous owners. Several odd things have happened here, with the upstairs double bedroom reported to be very active.

The White Smiths forge and the Smoke House have also reported paranormal activity,

so, this location promises to be a very interesting evening…


Investigation Includes:

When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our team and you will be placed into a small group. Once introductions have been made and the team have run though the health and safety. You will explore different parts of the building throughout the evening with your team member. You will get the chance to conduct some amazing experiments such as Ouija Boards, Table Tipping, Glass Moving vigils and our up-to-date ghost hunting equipment. We will be using the most active areas of the venue throughout the night and you will be guided through this terrifying process by our friendly and capable team. Included near the end of your evening you will be able to go off and explore for an hour to yourself using what equipment you would like. Do you dare to explore the unknown?