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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the night in a haunted location? Well look no further! Ghost Hunt UK have some amazing locations at reasonable prices.
In the last few years ghost hunting experiences has become more and more popular. Here at Ghost Hunt UK we pride ourselves on our professional and friendly approach. As a company we have been running over 8 years and between all the staff we have many and many years of paranormal experience. We try to keep the groups as small as possible, as we believe in heard, not herd.
We use different ghost hunting equipment and conduct different experiments throughout the night. We do table tipping, seances, white noise, thermal imaging camera , Alice box, white noise portal, glass work and much, much more with lots of pieces of equipment for our guests to try during the night.
We have different views and opinions among our team. We have our skeptics and our believers. Your night involves vigils in small groups with a host investigating the different areas of the location, You will then have some alone time, to go off and do WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. We can also put you on a lone vigil, if you are feeling brave!!! We provide tea and coffee, and a cut price tuck shop with items selling soft / energy drinks, crisps, chocolate and sweets to give you that little boost of energy.

Featured Events

Take a look at some of Ghost Hunt UK wonderful events coming your way soon, don’t miss your chance to explore these fantastic venues at some fantastic prices. Explore the world of the unknown with Ghost Hunt Uk.

Special Offers

Take a look at some great fantastic offers. We have some spooky locations across the UK; choose from the famous True crime museums in Hastings to Ashwell Prison, which has been home to many criminals,  it has witnessed plenty of negative emotions, violence and deaths. Would you be brave enough to enter these locations?  Book today at these fantastic offers.

Top Rated Events

There  is a reason that we have so many returning guests that come back to us year on year. Take a look at what you the guests have rated the best events.