Hinchingbrooke House 27th April 2024


Location: Hinchingbrooke House, Brampton Rd, Huntingdon PE29 3BN
Date: Saturday 27th April 2024
Start time: 8:00pm
End time: 2.00am


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Do you have what it takes, to investigate this amazing location and what is said to be a very haunted Location with our amazing team?

Hinchingbrooke House is now a statley home in Huntingdom Cambridgeshire.The house was built around an 11th-century.it passed into the hands of the Cromwell family, and its changed hands over the years.

There was a serious fire in 1830 and the house was restored. It was further restored in 1894 and again in the 1960s. During the most recent restoration the entrance to the chapter house was discovered, but otherwise little of the medieval fabric is visible.

In 1970, it became part of  housing the 6th form. Hinchingbrooke School was formerly Huntingdon Grammar School.


Paranormal History:

The ghost of the vengeful Huntingdon Nun whose skeleton was discovered under a staircase.”Apparitions of nuns have frequently been reported here, always at the rear of the property. This is the area which still contains remnants and features from the old priory”

Since the 1960s, the story of the terrifying spirit of a nun has garnered much attention from paranormal investigators and the media, resulting in many accounts of sightings and reports of mysterious paranormal activity. It has even lived up to its reputation as a haunted location.

Now part of Hinchingbrooke School’s sixth form college, the history of the building is responsible for one of the county’s spookiest ghost stories – the murdered nun that jumps out at drivers.

The building originated as an 11th-century Benedictine convent. Legend goes that a nun, who once lived in Hinchingbrooke House, had a secret love-affair with a monk. But once the relationship was discovered and she possibly became pregnant, they were both executed.

Subsequently, the surrounding area is said to be haunted by the nun’s vengeful spirit. The nearby bridge over Alconbury Brook, called ‘Nun’s Bridge’, is supposedly haunted by this nun. She steps out in front of oncoming cars, causing them to swerve out of the way in fright.

Some have reported that the nun was accompanied by a ghost which resembles a nurse, whilst others claim to have seen three ghostly crashed cars that silently burn at night. Sightings were first reported by a couple in 1965, but subsequent reports have arisen since then.

The skeletons of a man and a woman were discovered under a staircase in the house, believed to be from 994-1050AD. The female’s skeleton showed signs of being pregnant, so many believe that they are the remains of the nun and the monk who had the discovered love affair.

Investigation Includes:

When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our team and you will be placed into a small group. Once introductions have been made and the team have run though the health and safety. You will explore different parts of the building throughout the evening with your team member. You will get the chance to conduct some amazing experiments such as Ouija Boards, Table Tipping, Glass Moving vigils and our up-to-date ghost hunting equipment. We will be using the most active areas of the venue throughout the night and you will be guided through this terrifying process by our friendly and capable team. Included near the end of your evening you will be able to go off and explore for an hour to yourself using what equipment you would like. Do you dare to explore the unknown?

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