Landguard Fort 10th August 2024


Location: Landguard Fort, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 3TW 
Date: Saturday 10th August 2024
Start time: 7:45pm
End time: 1:30am

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What a place Landgurd Fort! The Ghost Hunt UK Team invite you to visit this brilliant location, to see what ghostly secrets she gives up.

Landguard Fort sits on the rivers Orwell, this was an ideal place for highways for trade and raiders. 

Dutch Marines attacked the fort in 1667 it’s believed that ten Dutch soldiers were killed along with one English soldier.

It is believed that the figure of the English soldier has been seen patrolling the Kings Bastion by soldiers who were stationed at the fort during World War Two
He’s said to be on look out for the next Dutch attack!

One of the fort’s shop staff got the shock of their life, when a ghostly figure of an Artilleryman walked out of the shop’s wall, smiled at them and then turned around and disappeared back into the solid wall…
During the Georgian era, it’s said that a young soldier had returned from the Far East back to the Fort.

Unfortunately for him, he had contracted a disease which had symptoms similar to that of the plague!

Sadly the young soldier went on to die from the terrible disease he had contracted.
It is now said that his screams can be heard during the night, at the fort.
The ghost of Maria still haunts the bathrooms, and the ghost of a soldier who hanged himself, Landguard Fort looks like it’s going to be a great night! Ghost Hunt UK look forward to a return visit to this popular location.


Investigation Includes:

When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our team and you will be placed into a small group. Once introductions have been made and the team have run though the health and safety. You will explore different parts of the building throughout the evening with your team member. You will get the chance to conduct some amazing experiments such as Ouija Boards, Table Tipping, Glass Moving vigils and our up-to-date ghost hunting equipment. We will be using the most active areas of the venue throughout the night and you will be guided through this terrifying process by our friendly and capable team. Included near the end of your evening you will be able to go off and explore for an hour using what equipment you would like. Do you dare to explore the unknown?

When booking you can pay in full or you can reserve your place with a £10 deposit remaining payment must be made up-to 4 weeks before the event date. You must be over 18 to attend this event. Terms and Conditions apply and can be read on our website.