Dolls House Sheerness – 28th September 2024


Location: The Dolls House, 7 Linden Drive, Sheerness, Kent, ME12 1LG
Date: Saturday 28th September 2024
Start time: 9:00 pm
End time: 2.30 am


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We head to a brand new location that is the dolls house in Sheerness, What will we uncover at this amazing location.

Join us at this 3 bed terrace house in Sheerness for an exclusive night of spooky paranormal investigation with the  Ghost Hunt UK team. The dolls house is located in Linden drive, and is commonly referred to as “the dolls house” has a wide reported range of activity.

The owners have reported many  shadows, pictures falling off the walls,also being grabbed from behind by unseen hands, disembodied voices and even full-bodied apparitions seen all around the property.

The owner has reported open portals/vortex and does regular spiritual seances inviting spirit in. What will you uncover as you investigate at this amazing location.Come join us .

There is also multiple haunted dolls that have been bought into the property.

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