R.A.F. Radar Museum Neatishead 19th October 2024


Location: R.A.F. Radar Museum Neatishead,Near Horning, Norfolk ,NR12 8YB
Date: Saturday 19th October 2024
Start time: 8:00pm
End time: 1.00am


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  1. Deep in the heart of N

    orfolk, lies an old building you probably would not give a second look too.  But, during the Second World War, it housed Britain’s first line of Defence…  Radar.


In 1941, the Air Ministry surveyed a piece of land in Norfolk with a view to host a brand-new Air Defence station In September 1941, two years into the Second World War, the first Secret radar system was installed at the new Radar Station of RAF Neatishead.  Initially, the complement of forty airmen and airwomen was billeted at a local village and training began in this radical early warning system.

At first, the station was home to temporary mobile Radars, but it was soon to boast new, improved fixed Radar systems such as the Type 7 Search Radar and Type 13 Height-finding Radars.  The hardened Control Room, the “Happidrome” was built, and it is this very building which, today, forms part of the Museum.

At the end of World War II in 1945 the world entered seamlessly into a new conflict that was to last 45 years – the Cold War.  As the defences for the United Kingdom were reorganised with fewer but more advanced Radar Stations to meet the new threat, RAF Neatishead continued to play an increasingly important role in the Air Defence of Great Britain.

The station was established as a Sector Operations Centre (SOC) and continued to be used as such until 2004, In 1954, the main Operations Centre was re-established deep underground in a vast two-storey hardened Bunker designed to withstand attack by Nuclear bombs.

Today, the aim of the base at Neatishead is to “to provide radar, ground-to-air radio, and data links coverage as part of the UK Air Surveillance and Control System (ASACS), in support of national and NATO air defence; a task that has become increasingly important after the tragic events of 9/11.”

Now called a Remote Radar Head, staff based here are responsible for both the Radar at Trimingham as well as equipment at several other sites in North Norfolk and at Neatishead itself.  Information is sent by secure datalinks from the various systems to RAF Boulmer where the Controllers monitor UK airspace.

Paranormal History

What a location shadows being seen voices have been heard. In one vigil with guests, we have encountered things being thrown. We have had many names coming the spirit box.

Ghost Hunt UK are proud to investigate this amazing location once again.
We were the first group aloud to see what this great little location had to offer, on the 1st of August 2015.


Investigation Includes:

When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our team and you will be placed into a small group. Once introductions have been made and the team have run though the health and safety. You will explore different parts of the building throughout the evening with your team member. You will get the chance to conduct some amazing experiments such as Ouija Boards, Table Tipping, Glass Moving vigils and our up-to-date ghost hunting equipment. We will be using the most active areas of the venue throughout the night and you will be guided through this terrifying process by our friendly and capable team. Included near the end of your evening you will be able to go off and explore for an hour to yourself using what equipment you would like. Do you dare to explore the unknown?